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Contract designer

Contracts are a vital part of the life of organizations.

Selecting the right contractual framework is key to ensuring the success of projects.

Effectively formalizing the agreements made with partners and clients is vital in order to safeguard business and enhance effectiveness of companies.

RSC Avocat specializes in contract drafting and negotiations for companies of all sizes :

Digital technology law

The firm supports IT service providers (software publishers, web agencies…) and their clients (purchasers…):

  • Drafts and negotiates international contracts such as SaaS, systems integration, outsourcing, licence, maintenance, technical support, website development, purchase and sale of equipment
  • Secures technical-business proposals and all the documents created as part of calls for tenders
  • Accompanies the execution of projects (validation of Quality Assurance plans, of committee meeting minutes, letters and addendums…)
  • Ensures compliance with French laws

Commercial law

The firm provides support for product distributors, manufacturers and purchasers:

  • Drafts and negotiates international contracts such as General Terms and Conditions of purchase and sale, distribution contracts, sales representatives, business providers, partnerships, consulting contracts
  • Secures contract terminations

We shape your ideas !

Legal coaching

Companies negotiate contracts on an ad-hoc basis. Compagnies can also optimize lead times, prevent risks and enhance the quality of relations with their partners and clients with a good legal organisation.
RSC Avocat offers a comprehensive contract service to companies, encompassing:

  • Development of databases of contracts and standard documents that are customized and user-friendly
  • Development of an overarching contractual process in partnership with the company’s various departments
  • Team awareness-raising (operational, sales and purchasing teams) at contract workshops

We optimize the contracts that we develop for you.


Legal action is not the only solution available for disputes between individuals or between legal entities.

Mediation is an alternative and amicable solution enabling any disputes to be settled swiftly, effectively and economically: 75% success rate, an average of three months to settle disputes instead of many years of litigation, 100% voluntary compliance rate with the agreements that are reached.

So why not opt for this dispute resolution mechanism instead of initiating or continuing with costly and uncertain legal action?

The firm holds accreditation from CMAP (Paris Mediation and Arbitration Centre- Paris Chamber of Commerce) and offers individuals and businesses a contractual and legal, inter-company and intra-company Mediation service.

The disputing parties are invited to:

  • Interact through an organized and structured process
  • Express their views in a strictly confidential setting with the help of a mediator
  • Identify their own solutions with a view to signing a settlement

We encourage people to reach an amicable solution and we foster the development of lasting relationships between the parties. This is part of our vision of the legal profession.

The firm’s values

A partner in innovation

RSC Avocat views the law as a tool for companies and a source of added value. The firm supports the most innovative and technically complex projects, notably in the field of digital law, using a global working method and a creative and responsive approach.

A global and international service

“As a lawyer at the Paris Bar, I decided to found RSC Avocat, having firstly worked in corporate law firms in Paris (Alain Bensoussan Avocats…) and London and subsequently for close to a decade in a large international tourism corporation, Club Med, as a corporate counsel responsible for global procurement and IT contracts.” 

With its network of independant lawyers in France and abroad, RSC Avocat offers a full range of legal services (corporate, tax, labour, public law, consultants…).

If you wish to develop your business activity and expand internationally, we can assist you thanks to our French and American positioning and competencies. Please, feel free to have a look on our Website :


In-house lawyer

Apart from working on one-off cases, the firm also undertakes medium and long-term corporate assignments, as a in house lawyer:

  • When? In the absence of corporate counsel specializing in IT/distribution/procurement law, to supplement a team of in-house counsel, during periods of transition for example.
  • For how long? Assignment length varies depending on needs. Flexibility is the watchword!
  • How? A detailed legal services proposal is provided before the assignment gets underway based on a set daily rate tailored to the length of each assignment. Competitiveness and agility !

Any request for information ? Please feel free to use the contact form found below and/or to call us.

Caroline Sandler-Rosental

Avocat au Barreau de Paris
Médiateur agréé CMAP

Tél : (33) 6 81 23 02 97

Email :

26, avenue Victor Hugo
75116 Paris
Métro : Kléber ou Charles de Gaulle Etoile
RER : Charles de Gaulle-Etoile

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