Contract designer : We design your contractual relashionships

Formalizing your commercial agreements means:

  • Securing your activity
  • Increasing the chances of success of your projects
  • Contribute to your company’s achievements

“Anticipating is governing »

Our mission : To audit, draft, negotiate contracts and participate in the development of companies in order to enable them to meet their most strategic objectives

RSC AVOCAT assists legal entities of all sizes in information technology law matters, including computer & data protection law and Internet & e-commerce law, as well as in procurement law, including service contracts/purchase/sale/lease/distribution/partnerships

RSC AVOCAT represents and assists IT service providers and publishers as well their clients in all sectors, such as real estate, multi-technical services, urban planning, industrial tools, banking, health, textile, food and tourism


Today, digital technology is omnipresent and has an impact on every field of activity and in every sector. As a contract designer, RSC AVOCAT formalizes commercial relations between economic operators in order to help them deploy their IT projects and anticipate risks

Legal assistance in IT contract law : Drafting, auditing, management of intellectual property rights, contract negotiation such as: outsourcing, supply of cloud computing solutions (SaaS/PaaS/IaaS), integration of solutions (ERP, CRM, EPM…), hosting (HDS…), supply of servers, licenses, technical assistance, maintenance, development of websites/mobile applications, legal notices, General Conditions of Use, General Conditions of Sale/Service, confidentiality agreements, POC

Legal assistance for tenders : Review of technical and commercial proposals in order to optimize and secure tenders, review and secure project execution documents (QAP, DRP, BCP, SLA, committee minutes, minutes of meetings, etc.) and assistance in the selection of bidders in calls for tenders, in particular through the drafting of contractual prerequisites

Management of the contractual relationship : Termination of contracts and resolution of disputes such as unfair termination of business relationships, monitoring the execution of digital contracts. Handling of pre-litigation and litigation

Compliance with data protection regulations and outsourced DPO missions: Data protection compliance audits, legal assistance in case of security incidents, drafting of Privacy/Data Protection Policies, Cookies Policies, General Terms and Conditions, GDPR subcontractor clauses, drafting of GDPR audit questionnaires, registers of processing activities, impact assessments, implementation of processes, staff training, crisis communication, security audits in collaboration with IT consultants


Legal assistance in drafting and negotiating contracts with manufacturers, suppliers, distributors and buyers : Drafting, auditing and negotiating contracts such as distribution, commercial agent, business provider, partnership, manufacturing, rental contracts, General Terms and Conditions of Purchase/Sale/Services

Management of the contractual relationship : Termination of contracts and resolution of disputes such as unfair termination of business relationships. Handling of pre-litigation and litigation

Relations with the authorities : Requests for authorizations, execution of formalities

We shape your ideas !

Legal coaching : an integrated offer

Companies negotiate contracts on an ad-hoc basis. Compagnies can also optimize lead times, prevent risks and enhance the quality of relations with their partners and clients with a good legal organisation.

Having an up-to-date set of personalized standard contracts and a trained staff that is aware of the legal aspects means :

  • Saving time in negotiations
  • Ensuring compliance with regulations
  • Reinforcing the legal security of your company

Our mission : To help you structure your activity and meet your compliance obligations


RSC AVOCAT, in collaboration with companies’ Legal Departments, IT & Security Departments, Administrative and Financial Departments, Purchasing Departments, Operations Departments, HR Departments, Quality Departments, carries out substantive actions aimed at optimizing the activity and performance of companies :

The creation and updating of standard documents and contracts, such as: tender kits, letters of intent, amendments

The development of contractual processes allowing an efficient use of the standard contracts and an intelligent and efficient contract management process

Training of employees such as salespeople and developers in contract law, IT project law, data protection, conflict management, etc.


Participating in a mediation allows companies to give themselves a last chance to resolve disputes that may arise in business life, avoiding long and costly litigation,  in a confidential setting. The mediator is a neutral and independent third party, specifically trained in this amicable process of dispute resolution.

Our mission : To help the parties resolve deadlocked situations and to promote sustainable relations between co-contractors, within a given system echo. The signing of a settlement happens in more than 70% of cases, within an optimized budget and timeframe. Mediation is part of corporate social responsability (CSR). It is also part of a certain vision of the legal profession that we have chosen.

Words are windows or they are walls” (Marshall B. Rosenberg).


RSC AVOCAT provides a mediation service dedicated to IT and commercial disputes and mediates between parties such as users and service providers, between partners, between associates or with employees.

RSC AVOCAT also carries out mediation missions for IT projects in order to help smooth the performance of projects which are often long and complex because they involve many innovative actors with high strategic stakes.

Approved by the Paris Mediation and Arbitration Center (CMAP) since 2013 and referenced by the National Center for Lawyers’ Mediation (CNMA), RSC AVOCAT provides mediation services for public and private entities.

Mediations of existing disputes such as contractual non-performance, abusive termination of relations, intellectual property matters

Mediation of IT projects in order to smooth relations between the various actors and optimize the chances of success of each project (meeting deadlines, budgets, deliverables…)

Mediation and conflict management trainings

The firm’s values

RSC AVOCAT is headed by Caroline Sandler-Rosental, who has been practicing as a lawyer in the field of new technologies and purchasing law since 1998. RSC AVOCAT’s clients are private companies, French or foreign, and public entities, looking for an expert and personalized service in the field of new technologies and purchasing.

Experienced in negotiations with the most renowned market players (HR Path, Oracle, SAP, IFS, Cap Gemini, Orange, IBM…), the firm knows how to show pugnacity and creativity in defending the interests of its clients, while promoting conviviality in negotiations.

“A lawyer at the Paris Bar since 1998, I created RSC AVOCAT in 2013 after working in renowned business law firms in Paris and London, then in an international tourism group, Club Méditerranée, as a lawyer in charge of IT contracts and worldwide purchasing contracts, for nearly 10 years. I then wanted to put my dual experience as a private practitioner and an in-house counsel to good use by offering companies seasoned legal expertise, working closely with the operational staff, understanding their language and their needs. The law is a tool at the service of companies, generating added value. The mediation activity also brings a special insight and approach that I strive to help companies benefit from. »


In order to answer the need for legal support of the companies in various fields of law not covered by RSC AVOCAT, Caroline Sandler-Rosental calls upon lawyers referenced for their seriousness and their expertise.

Caroline Sandler-Rosental has co-founded with two other lawyers, Stéphane GRYNWAJC (New-York, UK, Quebec, Paris) and Joanna WRZESNIEWSKI (British Columbia, New-York), the alliance « Atlantech Partners » that provides legal assistance to companies on both sides of the Atlantic and federates US and Canadian lawyers bringing various expertise (labor and employment law, tax law…) and non-lawyers partners in the field of new technologies (consultants in information systems, outsourced IT project managers, outsourced buyers, DPOs, IP advisers…) located in France, in the United States and in Canada.



A dual experience as a private practitioner and an in-house counsel for more than 20 years : A former associate at Alain Bensoussan Avocats and Stehlin & Associés, and a former in-house counsel at Club Méditerranée

A dual activity as lawyer and mediator approved by the Mediation and Arbitration Center of Paris (CMAP) since 2013

A dual education in law and business : CAPA (French lawyer certification) in 1998, Master 2 (DESS) in European Law at Paris XII University and Master in International Business Law and Management at ESSEC (1997-1998)


RSC AVOCAT provides a legal service:

 In support of Legal Departments and/or in case of absence of IT/Purchasing lawyers : in case of peak of activity, transition management, IT/Purchasing projects

Outsourced legal assistance missions : A certain number of days per month or per year

After issuing and signing an agreement with each client to allow companies to have visibility in terms of organization and budget 


Banking software publisher – 11-month outsourced legal assistance mission (2.5 days/week): “All the people you worked with were very satisfied with this collaboration, myself of course, but also our business managers, our sales people, lawyers, and project managers. For your professionalism on the files in France and abroad. For your tenacity on each of these files which allowed you to master them and to give us the means to negotiate them well. For your ability to advise us by making the right assessment of the risks without compromising our commercial capacity. Your direct participation in some of these negotiations. Your initiative, which I personally appreciated in an international field […]. And, finally, your interpersonal skills which enabled you to quickly integrate our teams. […] In conclusion, I highly recommend you to any company looking for legal assistance on IT contracts“. Managing Director – Banking software publisher.

Client references on request : Leading groups in the fields of multi-technical services, energy and communications, condominium managers, in the medical field, floral distribution, urban parking, digital services companies (ESN) and consulting firms…

For any questions and needs of legal assistance, you can contact us by phone, by email or via our website contact form. A meeting shall be organized in order to establish a diagnosis and to provide you with a proposal of intervention according to your needs.


Caroline Sandler-Rosental

Avocat au Barreau de Paris
Médiateur agréé CMAP

Tél : (33) 6 81 23 02 97

Email :

26, avenue Victor Hugo
75116 Paris
Métro : Kléber ou Charles de Gaulle Etoile
RER : Charles de Gaulle-Etoile

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